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Ameri-Tech AMMO Plastic Media Blasting is Ideal for:
  • Aircraft
    • Stripping paint from commercial, private and military aircraft.
    • A cost effective solution when compared to chemical strippers (USAF study: Hill AFB stripping F-4 aircraft).
    • Ameri-Tech AMMO plastic media blasting is approved by the aviation industry.
  • Automobiles
    • Removing paint from automobiles, trucks, forklifts, tractors and industrial vehicles.
    • Ideal for automotive restoration to remove paint, primer and powder coatings without pitting or contamination – leaving the substrate stripped and ready for recoating.
  • Electronics
    • Deflashing and removing resin bleed from electronic parts and circuit boards, including capacitors, transistors, resistors and many other components.
    • Etching substrates for improved paint and printing ink adhesion.
  • Engines
    • Cleaning carbon deposits and residue from engine blocks, carburetors and components.
    • Replacing torching, burning, grinding and hand cleaning.
    • Does not contain hazardous chemicals.
  • Metal Furniture and File Cabinets
    • Removing debris and paint in a quick, one-step process without chemical disposal, resulting in a clean substrate ready for refinishing.
  • Metal Parts and Die Castings
    • Non-abrasive deburring removes loose scale and burrs from machined metal parts and castings (including zinc and aluminum die castings) distorting or affecting the substrate.
  • Rubber Molds
    • Cleaning hard to reach mold areas without chemicals and hand cleaning.
    • Eliminating mold disassembly to reduce production downtimes.
  • Transportation Vehicles
    • Removing dirt, grease and paint from trucks, buses, boats, vans, recreational vehicles and rail cars.

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