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Suggested Operating Procedures

Individual preferences may vary and usually dictate the end results of the finished product. Also, review the safety  rules and operating procedures recommended by the manufacturer of your blasting equipment including:

  • Nozzle Size—the stripping rate increases with the size of the nozzle and more media will be propelled. For example, using a mesh size media of 12/16 would dictate the use of a minimum nozzle size  3/16 inch.
  • Operating Pressure—typically the operating pressure falls between 15 to 40 PSI. Higher pressures allow for quicker stripping rates but the media will break down faster limiting the number of recycles and will increase the amount of dust. Lower blast pressures reduce air compressor requirements resulting in less wear and lower maintenance costs. Also, lower blasting pressures allow for more control over the finished result as the layers of coating will be removed at a slower rate.
  • Air/Media Mixture—standard removal rates range from ½ sq/ft per minute to 4 sq/ft per minute. Use of the media for the first few cycles permits faster stripping rates as there is less dust and more product propelled.
  • Nozzle Distance from Substrate—closer distances to the substrate generally increases the stripping rate, with a suggested distance of 18 inches.
  • Nozzle Operating Angle to Substrate—the suggested operating angle of the nozzle to the substrate or surface is an angle range of 30 to 45 degrees.
  • Plastic Media Mesh Size—in general, larger mesh particle sizes permit more recycles while smaller particle sizes allow quicker stripping rates as more particles per given time impact the substrate or surface. Smaller mesh sizes may produce smoother finishes as the quantity of the particles permit an increased surface coverage.
  • Dwell Time—less dwell time speeds the stripping operation and minimizes media degradation.

Helpful Hints
  1. Before the stripping/blasting process, remove as much dirt and debris as possible from the surface or substrate. This will ensure that your media stays clean for an optimal amount of time.
  2. Use the proper equipment. Use only recommended and approved equipment from reputable manufacturers. For repetitive, long term blasting and stripping processes, it is strongly suggested that the proper recycling equipment be installed. The advantage of using plastic media versus other types of media is that it is a recyclable product. This makes the product more efficient and economical over the long term.
  3. Types of equipment utilized for blasting/stripping operations range from small utility pressure blasting pots, portable blasting cabinets (manual or automated), blasting rooms and large stripping facilities (aircraft hangers) etc. Related equipment includes dust collectors, recovery systems (media reclaim), vacuum blast systems, air compressors and accessories. AMERI TECH does not manufacture any of this equipment, however we can suggest a number of resources that are renown in the industry.

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